Saturday, 3 October 2009

Out of Time

Neither Prozac, nor Cocaine. Whatever fuels the MadMen, our sustainable source shall be Poetry and Prose! The first injection while the kettle boils: a jet of exhilaration through those vermillion veins. Pirouettes and tambourines – oh, to hang on the lyrical drip for the rest of the day!

Alas, time and tide waits for no man or woman. Crazy Caligulas and King Canutes pile ponzi pyramids on a bank of bubbles, and the “smarter than thou” socialites engage in verbal snowball fights. Guardianistas, accused of being science illiterate and paranoid, lament the demonization of adversaries. They gleefully label each other, while food label trickery goes unnoticed. As does, amidst the arguments, the GM element of the uteri jabs for whole generations. Is this a galaxy of gullibles, divertibles, and distractibles? Easy prey for screen based poly-addictions?

I phone, You tube, We blog – conjugating the 21st century. Pixels, pictograms and pictures, tweeting twitter, wicked wicki, a quick quiz, a short chat, a swig of soapy soma - TEMPIVORES, one and all!!

Back to books, the primal impulse!


  1. i love it mum. we both excell at pseudo-stream-of-consciousness. political caberet is on the horizon which should allow a flex and a stretch of my performed art. people laugh when i say i am not a punk. smashing up TVs. it's a cliche but it's fun.

  2. Glad to hear the cabaret (or should I say Kabarett?)is coming along! I daresay you're writing in English, not German?

  3. not writing at all, yet. ideas first. found a place in schoneberg to practise though. weather has changed dramatically, here in Brrrlin.